Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lightening and Fire

If you missed the Vancouver Symphony of Fire last night, (July 25th, 2009), you missed the best ones ever. I say this as a West End resident and fireworks refuse-nik who, at best, thinks they are all the same, and at worst just wants all the white trash to leave my neighbourhood and go back to Maple Ridge.

Last night was special, the most beautiful evening that I have ever witnessed in this gorgeous city. There was a strange, ironic comparison between the two shows in the sky; the crude, militaristic, man-made explosions and the altogether more impressive arcs of lightening illuminating the sun-lit, stormy clouds. The fireworks themselves were, at best, ancillary; a man made cherry on a sublime, act-of-god, weather-created light show.

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sheo said...

These are breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime views. I'm inspired again by your ability to see something astonishing and lovely, and show it to the rest of us with both pictures and words.

Thank you, Adam, I would have loved the show too.